Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spillway Pond

A group of friends took our kids to Spillway pond last week when it was SUPER hot. We had a wonderful time catching up and the kids had a BLAST! Even though I put sunscreen on 3 times, I still burnt the crap out of my back. My MS stayed under control as I spent most of the time in the water staying cool. If I would just have been out in the heat, I would have never made it.

Here are pictures of Kael (red life jacket/red trunks) and his friends!

Splish Splash

We had a lot of "water" going on this weekend, so thought I would title this post "splish splash". Friday night we had Terry's old boss' retirement party at Hazen Bay and got to go watch the shop guys tube. Kael got to go on his very first boat ride. It was a blast!

Today we had my family out for a birthday get-together for myself. Kael, Mara, Aubrey, and Evan had a great time on the slip n' slide (or slippery slide as Evan calls it). We also had a water balloon relay and fight and running through the sprinklers. The adults enjoyed playing some games and hanging out in the shade. It was HOT! My friend Kimberly stopped by with her boys and Kael and Cayden played on the slip n' slide for even longer, but I didn't get any pictures of that. Dang it!

So, since it was entirely too hot for me to be out in the heat all day, my leg is killing me. My left arm is ok right now, but my face is tingly and numb. Off to watch some t.v. with the hubby!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Lynelle and LeAnn brought the girls over on Friday to have a "spa day" at my house. This was a total impromptu appointment at "Spa Aunt Risa's", but the girls had fun! Here is Aunt Nell working on Mara's nails for her mani.

LeAnn was working on Aubrey's pedi while I was making slushy drinks for the girls.

Evan got to enjoy a cherry slush to keep him occupied during all this girly time. Kael missed the whole thing as it was during his nap.

Lynelle gave LeAnn a pedi and I made them frappuccinos. LeAnn then gave me a pedi...I think she would be the only person I trusted to my MS left leg...she was very, very gentle and it still hurt!

Saturday we went to Minot, played at the park, did some shopping, and then went to my cousin's wedding reception and dance. Here are the girls doing the limbo. It was hilarious. Aubrey really got the hang of it though.

Mara was just about to give it a try when I snapped the camera...but you can see on her face she is having fun. Little Evan is holding the bar a smidgen higher for his sister.

Then Kael wanted to get on the action, but didn't understand the concept...oh well, he made it under the limbo bar!

We got home early on Sunday morning, went to church, took a nap, and then went out to the lake where Lisa (my sister), Al, and McKenzie were camping. McKenzie was trying to teach Kael how to use the slip n' slide.

Kael didn't really like the water splashing on him, but loved to bend over and try to drink it. I finally pushed him on his butt and that was so fun for him. Oh the little things in life that can make a 2 year old slip n' slides.

McKenzie and Kael got in the inner tube to dry off and!
It was a great weekend and we had a great time. And, I used a TON of coupons at Target which always gives me a "coupon high" for the Targetaholic. It was great! Off to bed now to try to catch up on some sleep....after I unpack a couple bags from the weekend!