Monday, October 5, 2009

MRI, neurologist, and a great day!

This is an update on my MS. I know a lot of you read my blog and want to know, so here it goes!!!

Last Wednesday Terry and I went to Bismarck for my MRI and then meeting with my new neurologist, Dr. Dunnigan. I was super nervous that morning, but kept occupied by buying a new backdoor from Menards right before our appointment (totally not relevant, but filling you in on all the details)! Let me just say that I haven't had an MRI in 5 years. With MS, that isn't good. As an MS patient you should have an MRI every year to 2 years to check the status of the lesions on your brain and how they have progressed or gotten worse or have accumulated. But, since I was pregnant and then miscarried, pregnant and had Isabella (stillborn), and then pregnant with Kael and then breastfeeding, MRI's weren't a possibility. So, finally after 5 years, I scheduled my MRI and dreaded it.

The MRI went pretty smoothly itself. The fire alarm went off when I put on my robe in my own dressing room. Wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, so I opened the door and saw no one. Great...just my luck. But, a tech came to my door a few seconds later and said that I don't have to do the "drill". Off to the machine I went. Strapped in, head secure, and 45 minutes of MRI"ing" I was in for. After the first set of "pictures", the tech pulled me out and inserted the contrast dye, known as Gadolinium. I usually get super sick when this is injected and throw up for the majority of the day. It is a sick joke, really. But that day...nothing. I did not throw up at all! So, back into the machine I went for the 2nd round of "pictures".

Terry and I had a quick bite to eat and then headed over to Dr. Dunnigan's office for the results. Waiting in the waiting room, and then waiting in the dr.'s office for him to come in, was excruciating. Man, they say time flies when you are having fun, but we were NOT having fun waiting. He finally came in (which wasn't even that long) and started reviewing the MRI that I had just had taken over at St. Alexius. Terry and I pulled our chairs up closely and were looking intently at the computer monitors as he scrolled through 100's or even 1000's of scans.

After quite a few minutes of silence, Dr. Dunnigan confirmed what I was thinking...the scans were WONDERFUL!!!! ONLY 1 NEW LESION IN 5 YEARS....INCREDIBLE!!!! It was a silent attack since I didn't have any outward symptoms of this lesion and it looked to be older. He was impressed and thought it was amazing that I would only have 1 lesion in 5 years. God is awesome! All the prayers that have been lifted up have been answered (answered in the way we were asking, that is)!!! It is pretty unheard of for a Multiple Sclerosis patient to go 5 years with only 1 lesion!

With that said, we don't see him again for another year for another check up (unless something major happens) and another possible MRI. We did not have to decide on what interferon injections to start me on, we didn't have to figure out how we were possibly going to pay for them ($1000-$1800/week), and we don't have to worry that my MS is progressing fast. God is great!

***I wanted to put a disclaimer at the bottom of this post. First, MS is a highly unpredictable disease. The results I got today and how the last 5 years have went doesn't mean that tomorrow I couldn't have a huge attack or in another year when I have my MRI I don't have 100's of lesions. I pray that I will continue to maintain my physical activity, mental stability, and the progression of MS in me remains minimal to none. But, wanted all to be aware of the devastating effects MS can have. Also, MS is different in EVERY patient and EVERY person. So, please do not email me and tell me about this person with MS or that person with MS and how they do it, because EVERY patient is different and the plan of action with their MS is different as well. (unless of course you would like me to add their names to my prayer list!)****