Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have SO many things to be thankful for, I had a hard time summing it up. But, here it is:

I am most thankful for my son, Kael, who entertains me daily; My husband, Terry, who provides for us and is a wonderful guy; Being a stay-at-home mom and the opportunity to be able to do this; My health that has remained in remission though having Multiple Sclerosis; My dog, Buckets, who still loves to lay and cuddle; my awesome friends; my family; my grandparents still with us; my cokes and coffee; living in ND; a kitchen (didn't have that last year); getting to take naps; and most importantly...I am thankful that God has provided ALL this for me!

Monday, November 23, 2009

American Pie

Again...late post! But, here are apples off our NEVER ending apple tree in the back yard. I really despise those trees. What a mess they make. But, if I have them cut down, we will have NO shade and NO apple pie filling for years to come....hee hee!I actually found that I enjoy canning. I know you can just buy a can of apple pie filling in the store, but heck, it was a pretty good time. The smell was wonderful and the bonding time with my kitchen was fantastic!

Downfall...ignoring my child while I did something with the apples. Here he is caught in the act of eating Pringles as I peeled and peeled away. That boy sure does love his chips.

Happy Halloween...a little late!

So, I have been HORRIBLE about keeping this updated. To be honest, I was so excited after my last post, I just don't feel anything can compare to that. So, I haven't posted. But, here it is....a belated Halloween! Kael was a monkey and we took him around the neighborhood....he LOVED it!