Thursday, May 28, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Fridays - Children's Rooms and Nurseries

I LOVE Kelly at Kelly's Korner and follow her blog. I have only played along once, but decided to do it again. This week we are showing off our nurseries. I thought I had more pictures than this, but I guess I don't. And since Kael is sleeping, I am not going to go in there and take more pictures and I just couldn't wait!!!

Isn't it cute? Ok--so it is hideous! This was the way it was when we bought it. Not digging the peach curtains?
Wallpaper blue walls behind it. This picture was taken after all the patchwork had been completed. Just waiting for it to dry so I could prime and paint!

Old dresser turned changing table!

Kael's room is a monkey/jungle theme. The dresser was something Kael's great-grandpa made and my husband refinished it for a changing table. It worked perfect! He loves to sit in his little chair and read his books. I think that he thinks he is an "adult" when he sits there. It is so cute!

These are pictures of his room when we lived in Iowa. The rocking chair is now gone and his room isn't as neat and nice as it was when he was first born. I guess that is what happens when the baby you have always dreamed of starts to actually "live" in the room! Seems like this room sat like this FOREVER as we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited for a baby to arrive!

And, I just couldn't resist putting these pictures on here. Now that Kael is almost 2 years old, it seems like this was eons ago. What happened to my little baby? It just goes so dang fast! He LOVED that mobile. It was the ONLY thing that would actually entertain him (that's when I got my showers in)! And, this was one of the RARE times he actually slept during the day when he wasn't in my arms...ugh, those were some long days!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Neurology Day and Memorial Day!

Today we went to Bismarck for my neurology appt. I haven't had an appt. for 2 years and I was totally due. And since we moved to ND and my fabulous and wonderful MS dr. in Minneapolis retired (Dr. Shapiro), I have been putting it off. Well, today was the big day and it was absolutely worthless. Dr. A (as I will refer to him) was not the type of dr. I am looking all! Terry actually got up and left 1/2 way through my appt. because he thought it was a complete waste of time. So, I guess I will try another one out and see if I find a neurologist in Bismarck that specializes in Multiple Sclerosis. I just need somebody who understands the disease and knows the daily issues of living with MS!

Since we were in Bismarck we got some flowers for Isabella's grave for Memorial Day and then took pictures next to her tree we planted 3 years ago this week. It was a bit windy out, but the temperature was gorgeous! Here are some pictures:

Bucket's even got to come with and check out the action. He loves going up to the cemetery because there is a lot of open space for him to run.

Family photo by Isabella's tree (3 yrs old). Buckets, Daddy, Kael (23 months) and Mommy!Buck is licking Kael's face and Kael is giggling. They are totally best buds!

Wind blowing and Kael looking out to Daddy. I LOVE this picture!

And by this point...both boys are DONE!

Beautiful tulips in my parents' front yard. I love tulips!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The MS Walk...FINALLY!

I have been wanting to post about the MS Walk for a week now, but have been super busy. I have a friend that had a stillborn baby and I have been with her, and our friends. I also went to little William's funeral and loved that us girls could do that together and be there for each other.

Also, I have another close friend that found out she has an aortic aneurysm this week. She is 23 weeks pregnant and I have been spending time with her and keeping her company. Please continue to keep both these ladies in your prayers....they totally need it!

Now...onto the good news. We had hoped and prayed to have 100 teammates for Legs for Lorisa this year and to raise $10,000.00. Well guess what? WE RAISED OVER $12,000.00 AND HAD 186 TEAMMATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed the day so much and was sad when it was over. There are so many new teammates on our team and it is so fun to meet them all! Here are some pictures from the walk!

I am waiting on a team picture, and can't wait to post that. Thank you to EVERYONE for their contributions....whether it was donations for the party, donations of money for our team, walking in the cold weather, or fundraising yourselves. I TRULY appreciate all the support. It is overwhelming to me and I thank God for the wonderful turnout!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Prayers Needed...big time!

Wanted to get my fellow blogger friends to come together with me in prayer. I totally believe in the power of prayer!

Yesterday my good friend found out that her baby no longer had a heartbeat. She is 22 weeks pregnant and was induced last night to deliver her stillborn son. Having been in her shoes before, my heart just breaks for her. There is NOTHING I can do for her, except pray. I feel at such a loss.

Also, tomorrow is our annual MS Walk that we have spent countless hours, weeks, and months planning. Please pray for a successful turnout, great weather, and for our fundraising goal to be met!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The MS Walk in Bismarck is this weekend and I couldn't be more excited. Friends and family from around the 4 state area are coming to walk with me and help fight for a cure for MS. What could be better? If you would like to sponsor me, you can click on this link below:

Here is a poem that my sister found by a lady that has MS. She SO nails the feeling of MS, I just had to post it.

MS Attack
by Sylvia Brown

MS makes it's attack on me
Whack after whack, oh where can I flee?
My body feels weak, my movements so slow,
I duck and I dive to avoid the next blow,
It beats me up. I'm black and blue,
Nine rounds with Mike Tyson, how many more can I do?
My body is numb, I start to shake,
Please Rescue me, I need a break!
But no one hears my desperate plea,
So I have to search inside of me,
I reach inside, what can I find?
A Will to Live and Strength of Mind,
I am so determined to Survive,
To Live my Life, to Stay Alive,
So this torture I must withstand,
With Faith I'll find a helping hand,
Deep inside myself I find a Strength,
To help me swim that extra length,
My stubbornness drives me from within,
To continue my search and Never Give In,
So I ride the storm. The skies WILL clear,
I KNOW that sunshine will appear,
And my sinking feet in the Quick-Sand,
Will find themselves on Solid Ground,
and Gingerly I'll get back on my feet,
For I will Never Accept defeat!

Please do your part and help find a cure for MS!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Kitchen Tour!

Kelly from Kelly's Korner is hosting a "Show us your House Friday". I LOVE her blog and her faith in God, so I thought I would play along. The first tour of my house is the kitchen! Here are before and after shots.

Picture of the kitchen the day we moved in.

Completely gutted. Knocked out the wall between the kitchen and dining room.
Completed kitchen with all new everything! (except the fridge)

Looking from the back door into the kitchen. Kind of dark...but you get the picture.

Taking a bath in the brand new deep sink. Kind of blurry, and kind of too big for kitchen sink baths, but it was fun!