Monday, September 21, 2009

Go Twins!

Terry, Kael and I had the opportunity to take in a Twins game in the cities. Thanks to our friend Jess, we got great seats and had a wonderful time. Kael was totally soaking it all in.

Here's daddy and Kael from the parking garage looking at the Metrodome:

The cutest new Twins player, Kael!

Watching the game so intently.
Our family before the game started. Players on the field warming up.

Leaving the game....tired and done, so need a ride from Daddy.

Friday, September 4, 2009

MOPS Ice Cream Social

We have been working our little tails off getting ready for the MOPS ice cream social. This year I am Co-Chair of MOPS and Co-Chair of MOPPETS. It is a big responsibility and more work than I ever thought it would be. So, when last night was a HUGE success and more and more moms and dads and kids kept coming through the door, it was INCREDIBLE!!! Here's a few pictures of the evening!

Now I just can't wait for MOPS to start. Next Thursday can't come soon enough!!