Thursday, May 13, 2010

Legs for Lorisa 2010

Once again I had a kick butt team at the MS Walk. People never cease to amaze me and support me. I so appreciate it and can't even put it into words! The MS Walk was a huge success and though we haven't gotten to our goal of $20,000, Legs for Lorisa still has time. We are still the largest team in size in the North Central States Chapter! Thank you to everyone who supported me by either walking, fundraising, or donating. I appreciate it all!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Finally Here!

I am a horrible blogger, I know it, but at least I am doing it now. It's finally here....THE ANNUAL MS WALK!!! We are so excited for this weekend and couldn't be more happy to see our friends and family!

After over 2 months of planning, recruiting, fundraising, door knocking, and begging...we finally get to actually walk for a cure. Wouldn't that be something if our efforts and money actually made a difference? I believe it does! Some day, this will be a memory and we will be a world free of MS!

Speaking of those fundraisers, a HUGE thank you to my sister Lynelle for having a social hour on her birthday at the Peacock Alley in Bismarck. What a great idea! To LeAnn for hosting her annual MS party and chinese silent auction. It is always a great hit! To Lisa who tried her hand for the first time at a fundraiser and served taco-in-a-bag at her employer. And (in my opinion) the best fundraiser of all...our Phone-A-Thon! Terry and I hosted a new event that was a great success!

Thanks to everyone on our team, Legs for Lorisa, who is coming to walk this weekend and has done their fundraising share. It means so much to me!

See you Friday night at A&B pizza, Saturday morning for the Walk at Wachter, then the Post-Walk party back at the school, and finally a poolside gathering Saturday evening. Cannot wait!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Location Secured!

Well it is the time of the year again....MS WALK TIME!!!!

The MS Walk for Bismarck is scheduled for May 8th at Wachter Middle School. Every year our team, "Legs for Lorisa" meets after the walk to celebrate our fundraising efforts. Every year we grow bigger and bigger and thus, out growing each and every location. It is a good problem to have, yet still a problem!
So, after LOTS of looking and asking, we have found our location. It will be right at Wachter! YAY!!! No need to follow directions or consult your map, we will just move to a different part of the building just for OUR TEAM!!!

I am so totally excited about this and we have EXCITING and FUN things in store this year. It is going to be bigger and better than years past....what to join us?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My friend Kimberly has been making adorable hats. Check out her giveaway:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

4 years ago

4 years ago I learned what being a mother was all about. If only for an instant. I learned that I would give ANYTHING for my children and would have done ANYTHING to save our little girl. But, I could not and she was born an angel and will forever live in my heart!

Happy 4th Birthday Isabella Faith!

January 19, 2006

I miss you every day.

I miss you in every way!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have SO many things to be thankful for, I had a hard time summing it up. But, here it is:

I am most thankful for my son, Kael, who entertains me daily; My husband, Terry, who provides for us and is a wonderful guy; Being a stay-at-home mom and the opportunity to be able to do this; My health that has remained in remission though having Multiple Sclerosis; My dog, Buckets, who still loves to lay and cuddle; my awesome friends; my family; my grandparents still with us; my cokes and coffee; living in ND; a kitchen (didn't have that last year); getting to take naps; and most importantly...I am thankful that God has provided ALL this for me!

Monday, November 23, 2009

American Pie

Again...late post! But, here are apples off our NEVER ending apple tree in the back yard. I really despise those trees. What a mess they make. But, if I have them cut down, we will have NO shade and NO apple pie filling for years to come....hee hee!I actually found that I enjoy canning. I know you can just buy a can of apple pie filling in the store, but heck, it was a pretty good time. The smell was wonderful and the bonding time with my kitchen was fantastic!

Downfall...ignoring my child while I did something with the apples. Here he is caught in the act of eating Pringles as I peeled and peeled away. That boy sure does love his chips.